So, what's Logbox all about?

Top quality kiln dried firewood pre-stacked in a purpose-built, attractive log store – The Original Logbox, delivered with no mess or fuss and sited in a convenient location at your property (access permitting). Reorder when you’re running low on logs – we’ll deliver a full Logbox within five working days and take the empty one away. Plus, we guarantee never to run out of wood!

From the forest

Logbox firewood comes from coppiced trees in locally managed woodlands. We cut the timber into logs and pack straight into Logboxes on-site. The Logboxes then spend some time in the kiln – powered by any waste wood we generate – until the logs are below 20% moisture content. They are then barn-stored until required. Efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Simply choose a small or large Logbox and your preferred log length. Then select your roof style, pitched for outdoors or flat for indoor (porch or garage for example). All Logboxes come with a natural wood roof which can be painted in charcoal outdoor paint for a one-off fee.

Logbox Guarantee:

Kiln-dried hardwood
Less than 20% moisture content

Easy online ordering
Delivery within 5-10 working days

Logbox sited where you want
(access permitting)

No stacking required
No mess to sweep up

Constant log supply –
We won’t run out!

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COVID-19 Statement

04 January 2021

At present, we can continue to make Logbox deliveries until otherwise directed to by the Government. Our delivery drivers wear gloves during loading and throughout delivery and will be using hand sanitiser and disinfectant in the delivery vehicles and business premises as needed.

We do not require contact with you to complete delivery, but if you are self-isolating and need to give us access, by unlocking a gate for example, we are happy to wait for you to do this before coming onto your property. Please let us know if this is the case when you order and we will be in touch to make arrangements when we confirm your delivery date.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

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