What are the Logbox dimensions?

Small Logbox without roof = W 750 x D 500 x H 1120mm
With natural roof = W 850 x D 550 x H 1200mm

Large Logbox without roof = W 750 x D 650 x H 1720mm
With natural roof = W 850 x D 720 x H 1850mm

What type of wood is your firewood?

Our firewood is a mix of hardwoods including oak, ash, beech, hornbeam, alder and birch.

Do your prices include VAT?


The following items include 5% VAT (reduced rate for wood sold for fuel)
All Logboxes
Log length

The following items include 20% VAT (standard rate)
Annual membership
Roof colour (one-off paint fee)

Can I buy a Logbox outright?

Yes is the short answer, and we can still provide you with our replacement service (as long as you remain residing in our delivery area), but the Logbox is yours to keep.

Large Logbox, empty = £450.00
Filled with 1m³ of kiln dried mixed hardwood logs + £150.00 = £600.00

Small Logbox, empty = £400.00
Filled with 0.5m³ of kiln dried mixed hardwood logs + £90.00 = £490.00

Delivery = £50.00
(Prices inclusive of VAT at 5% and 20%)

This purchase option is not currently available online so please contact us on 01892 440225 or email contact@logboxfirewood.com

Can you pick up my empty Logbox out of season/if I move house?

We are happy to collect your empty Logbox:

  • for removal out of season
  • if you are moving house and would like us to move your Logbox to your new property (if within our delivery area)
  • if you are moving out of our delivery area and would like to return the Logbox (any firewood is yours to keep)

As we have to make a dedicated journey for this there is a £25 service fee.

If you are an existing customer please contact us.  We will send you a link to make payment and make arrangements to collect.

Can you make me a custom sized Logbox?

Yes! As we construct all of our Logboxes, it goes without saying that we can build one to your specification. We can also build matching bin stores, outdoor storage boxes, bike stores etc.

If you are interested in this please email us at contact@logboxfirewood.com with your enquiry.

Can I have the Logbox placed in my garage?

Yes! The Logbox has been designed to be sited either outside or in a shed or garage, access permitting (see here for more details on access requirements), for example. There’s no reason why you couldn’t keep it in your home as well if you have room.

If you are interested in this please email us at contact@logboxfirewood.com to be informed when it is ready to order.

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COVID-19 Statement

04 January 2021

At present, we can continue to make Logbox deliveries until otherwise directed to by the Government. Our delivery drivers wear gloves during loading and throughout delivery and will be using hand sanitiser and disinfectant in the delivery vehicles and business premises as needed.

We do not require contact with you to complete delivery, but if you are self-isolating and need to give us access, by unlocking a gate for example, we are happy to wait for you to do this before coming onto your property. Please let us know if this is the case when you order and we will be in touch to make arrangements when we confirm your delivery date.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

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